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Solar Panels 

House with solar panels on roof - regene

Solar Power is still the most cost effective form of renewable energy.

Solar panels work every day even when overcast, but during the Spring and Summer months you will get the maximum amount of free electricity. NWR will fit solar panels on the roof of a house, on a flat roof and we can also offer ground mounted panels.

See our Gallery for NWR Installations 


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Tigo Micro-inverters 

Tigo Micro-inverters are available with or without monitoring.  

PHOTO-2023-07-04-21-32-00 (1).jpg

All of our flat roof installs are secured in place in specially designed tubs, with panel extending brackets to ensure the best orientation, the panels are fixed to the tubs with solar railing and  ballasted  as shown in the photo.

PHOTO-2023-07-04-21-32-00 (2).jpg
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