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Our Customers 

Our Clients are Our References

Mr.S in GU14, has one of the most environmentally friendly houses we have seen. 


I cannot thank you enough, Lester for your understanding and concern for selling me the air conditioning equipment when working for a different Company and for referring to your present manager with a view to offering assistance. Danny, as head of NWR Ltd, for agreeing to one of your engineers, Kieron Curry, calling at my home and checking out my equipment to ensure I was not in a problem areas of burning out a second outside unit, should the system have de-gassed itself.
Kieron examined all parts of the air to air and could find nothing wrong. During our conversation it became obvious that the engineers from the original company appeared to be telling porkies, which had bought me to the point of not switching the system on, in case I burnt out a second outside unit leaving me with no way of reclaiming, because the original company is no longer trading and has been removed from the internet. Throughout the examination Kieron kept re-assuring me to use the system without worrying, which was much appreciated. At 76 I am afraid that i am no longer able to keep on top of new inventions and rely on good service to provide me with output from whatever I have bought that does what it states on the tin so to speak.
I cannot thank you gentlemen enough for your generosity of spirit in arranging for Kieron to visit my home to inspect the system I had installed by a different company. Lester, you stated on the telephone there would be no charge for the service NWR Ltd provided, for which i thank you and Danny most sincerely for.

Mike Chard

"Thank you NWR Ltd, We had a Solar Battery storage system installed by yourselves and we could not be happier with the results".

Mrs Johnston

“The NWR Ltd products are nicely priced and good quality. But the service and support they give are what really grabs us. Polite, friendly, and really knowledgeable. What more could you ask for?”

Sandy Williams

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