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Now is the time to clean your panels

Dirty Solar Panels can reduce the electricity the panels produce, so it is advisable to have them cleaned 






Now is the ideal time to get your solar panels cleaned and visually checked. 

This is a job that can be done entirely outside and no need for contact with you at all.   


Pigeons are one of the biggest problems that a solar panel owner will face. They make a lot of mess, dirty the panels and nest underneath them causing a lot of disruption both to homeowners and the solar panels themselves.  They can also cause unseen damage to your panels.

At NWR, we can offer you a complete cleaning service and panel check including protective coating.   We will remove any old nests and check all connections and fit pigeon guards to stop their return 

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Panels before & after cleaning
Clean panels can improve your generation by 10 - 15% 


                   Before                                           During                                               After

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