Wind Turbines 

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Some interesting Facts

The average house uses 3400kw per year

In 2019 the average windspeed in the UK was 8.2 knots

Wind speeds have remained between 8 - 9 knots annually with 2010 being the lowest at 7.8 knots 

The blades are turned on their axis by the wind which is attached to a generator.  This produces DC electricity which goes through an inverter converting to AC electricity 

The turbines have a built in braking system

The turbines are maintenance free


The UK has some of the best wind conditions in Europe for wind power.  Wind Turbines are no longer just the large windmill types that we are all familiar with.  NWR have been installing wind turbines more suitable for the average domestic setting for several months with new innovative designs.

These systems put wind power within the reach of the average household financially, but the innovative designs are also suitable for larger projects (up to 100kw) 

The smallest size is a 600 watt and up to a maximum of 100kw.  Above are 2 designs that we install and the ones pictured are 1kw models.  These designs can be roof mounted, flat roof mounted or wall mounted (size dependent) or pole (ground) mounted 

Our sales team will be happy to advise you on any aspect of the supply and fit and will be happy to come and assess your property so that maximum benefit can be gained.